Oh Hell

In Production

The life of 24-year-old Helene (Mala Emde), who goes by the nickname "Hell", is anything but instagram material: She hops from one messed up job to another and from one interpersonal catastrophe to the next. While her childhood friend Maike (Salka Weber) is busy traveling the world and inventing apps, Helene only has a lot of tabs open on her browser. With her dashing honesty Hell causes numerous disasters and even contributed to her parents' divorce. But she also has a special gift: For every face, every piece of clothing, every fragment of a word she encounters, Helene imagines a life that goes with it. Then, in the midst of a new financial and interpersonal crisis, Helene meets cello teacher Oskar (Edin Hasanovic), who seems to understand her chaotic worlds and the cinema in her head. For the first time, Hell has the chance to actually live one of these lives she always imagines.

(AT: Helene)

DIRECTOR: Simon Ostermann & Lisa Miller
AUTHOR & CREATOR: Johannes Boss
CAST: Mala Emde, Edin Hasanovic, Salka Weber, Knut Berger, Deborah Kaufmann

CASTING: Lisa Stutzky Casting
CAMERA: Claire Jahn
PROCUCTION DESIGN: Markus Dicklhuber
PRODUCER: Moritz von der Groeben
JUNIOR PRODUCER: Laura de la Cruz
LINE PRODUCER: Sascha Schwill
EDITORIAL STAFF MAGENTA TV: Arnim Butzen, Sven Philipp, Claudia Bach
EDITORIAL STAFF WARNER: Anke Greifeneder, Hannes Heyelmann, Christian Honeck, Christina Peter

PHOTO: Xiomara Bender


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