Irish Crime 5 & 6

Aired September and October 2022 on ard


Family Bonds (Irish Crime 5)

Cathrin's reputation as a criminal psychologist is at stake after a sentenced patient manages to escape with her daughter on a day release . But the search for murder convict Abbie raises new questions in the case.


The Price of Silence (Irish Crime 6)

In her new case criminal psychologist Cathrin must face the manipulative game of a stranger to solve the mysterious disappearance of doctor Helen Bell.



DIRECTOR: Matthias Tiefenbacher (IK5) & Alexander Dierbach (IK 6)
SCRIPT: Sebastian Andrae (IK 5) & Alexander Dierbach (IK6)

CAST: Désirée Nosbusch, Mercedes Müller, Rafael Gareisen, Declan Conlon, Rainer Bock, Thomas Sarbacher, Luisa Celine Gaffron, Conor Delaney, Denise McCormack, Shauna Higgins, Muiris Crowley, Molly McCann, Isla Jane Eagleton, Alexandra Finder, Róisín O´Donovan
CAMERA: Hanno Lentz (IK 5), Ian Blumers (IK 6)
PRODUCTION DESIGN: Jerome Latour Burckhardt

COSTUME DESIGN: Andreas Janczyk

PRODUCER: Moritz von der Groeben, Nikola Bock

PRODUCTION MANAGER: Andy Grosch, Ivan McMahon


EDITOR: Katja Kirchen (degeto)

KEY VISUALS: Xiomara Bender


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