Oh Hell 2

Director: Sarah Blaßkiewitz
Script & Creator: Johannes Boss



“‘The Fear’ combines quality and ratings” (Blickpunkt Film)

“Last evening “Der Kommissar und die Angst” reached 5.84 million viewers in the well-established good friends production, resulting in an excellent 23.2 percent market share. The gap to the next non-news program was more than 2.5 million viewers!”


Broadcast of “The Fear”

On Monday, April 29, the good friends production “Der Kommissar und die Angst” will be broadcast on ZDF at 8:15 pm. The crime thriller will be available in the ZDFmediathek from April 20.


Meike Droste in an interview about “The Fear”

“A game with fear”: Meike Droste reveals in an interview with Quotenmeter what fascinates her about “The Fear” and the entire series.


Ursula Pfriem talks about fair filming at Indiefilmtalk

In February, the production “Forever Freibad” was honored with the Fair Film Award 2024. Producer Ursula Pfriem and director Laura Fischer were now guests on the Indiefilmtalk podcast and talked about the art of fair filmmaking.


OH HELL 2 screens at Achtung Berlin Festival

OH HELL 2 will be screened on Sunday (14.04.) at 13:30h followed by a Q&A at the “achtung berlin Filmfestival” at Babylon Berlin Mitte. In addition, our camera duo Katharina Bühler and Anne Bolick will be on the panel “Film talks / a look behind the camera” and Kaya Kürten and Christian Schäfer on the panel “Oh, that was made? / Production Design & Costume Design Panel”.


“Binge factor” (freundin)

“In OH HELL, Mala Emde plays Helene, a completely crazy woman in her mid-twenties who stumbles from one disaster to another, for example when she tries to show her affection for a man. It’s so funny that we can’t get enough of her.”


“Jumpy on principle” (Filmdienst)

“The new season also offers a veritable firework display of clever ideas and pointed, absurdly funny dialogs that unerringly satirize the zeitgeist.”


Director Sarah Blaßkiewitz about OH HELL 2 at radio eins

radioeins spoke to Sarah Blaßkiewitz about “Oh Hell”. The director talks about how she fell in love with the world of Helene, how well thought out Johannes Boss’ scripts are and also what her personal future might look like.


OH HELL is “madness in its purest form” (Tagesspiegel)

Johannes Boss and Sarah Blaßkiewitz “hold up a mirror to the zeitgeist in a very entertaining way.”


“OH HELL is an artistic showcase project” (Express)

OH HELL is “… one of the most unusual comedy formats ever created in Germany.”


OH HELL 2 now available on MagentaTV

As of today, the second season of OH HELL is available in the MagentaTV media library. It will be available on WarnerTV Comedy and max from fall 2024.


Johannes Boss and good friends found vjllage Filmproduktion

In cooperation with good friends, author and showrunner Johannes Boss (e.g. “Oh Hell”) founds his own production company, which also includes the newly created “Johannes Boss Storytelling Academy”.



The good friends production „Forever Freibad” has won the Fair Film Award, which recognizes the fairness of film productions. The production was rated with a dream average score of 1.19 by filmmakers.


“THE HUNTED” nominated for Jupiter Award

The good friends production “The Hunted” has been nominated for the Jupiter Award in the category “Best Film (TV & Streaming) National”. Voting is open online until February 29, 2024.



MAGENTA TV releases the second season of OH HELL on March 21 to coincide with the long-awaited start of spring. The series will then be available to watch on Warner TV Comedy in fall.



Every year, the Fair Film initiative honors the fairest film productions of the past year. Since 2011, the award has underlined the importance of fairness in the film industry by raising awareness of working conditions and encouraging people to rethink the way they work together.


Shooting of “Oh Hell 2” is completed

The second season of the good friends production “Oh Hell” has been shot. In collaboration with MagentaTV and Warner TV Comedy and directed by Sarah Blaßkiewitz, the focus was once again on the chaotic life of Helene (Mala Emde). Author and creator is Johannes Boss.


Start of shooting of “Freibad” (WT)

Shooting for the ZDF comedy “Freibad” (WT), directed by Laura Fischer, has started in Forst (Lausitz). The good friends production stars Tyrell Otoo, Anouk Elias, Benno Fürmann, Jacob Matschenz and Pheline Roggan. The screenplay was written by Will Evans and Christof Ritter.


“Oh Hell” nominated for the Grimme Award

The good friends production “Oh Hell” has been nominated for the 59th Grimme Award 2023 in the category fiction. The winners will be announced on March 21, 2023.


“The Hunted” celebrates german premiere

The good friends production can now also be seen on Magenta TV.


“Oh Hell” among top ten series in 2022 (Indie Wire)

„With Emde leading the way, you won’t find another show on Earth this year that’ll make you laugh quite like this one does.“ 


Shooting of “Irish Crime 7 & 8” is completed

In recent weeks, two new “Irish-Crimes” with Désirée Nosbusch have been filmed on Ireland’s east coast. Broadcasting is planned for fall 2023.


Kaya Kürten wins the DAfFNE 2022 for costume design on “Oh Hell”

At the awards of the German Academy for Television, Kaya Kürten came out on top in the costume design category and received the prize for her work on “Oh Hell”. Congratulations!



On December 3rd 2022 the ceremony for the 10. DafFne will take place and we can already annouce four nominations: Harald Windisch (supporting role „Im Netz der Camorra”), Kaya Kürten (costume design „Oh Hell“), Karin Hartusch (editing „Im Netz der Camorra”) und Thomas Szabolcs & Kirsten Kunhardt & Clemens Grulich (sound design „Im Netz der Camorra“). Congratulations!



5,68 million viewers turned on the TV at 8:15pm which delivered viewing figures of 22,1% for the 90-minute feature with Désirée Nosbusch in the leading role.



On thursday (29.09.22) the good friends production „Irish Crime 5 (Family Bonds)” aires at 8:15pm on ARD. One week later (06.10.22) at the same time „Irish Crime 6 (The Price of Silence)“ aires on ARD as well.



Thomas W. Kiennast has been awarded a Romy in the category “Best Cinematography – TV/Streaming” for his work on the good friends production “The Winemaker”.



The good friends production “Oh Hell” was awarded the German Television Award in the category “Best Comedy Series” yesterday evening in Cologne. We are very excited and would like to thank everyone involved in the production!


Start of principal photography for “The Hunted”

Rick Ostermann’s TV thriller “The Hunted” (working title) is currently shot in and around Bolzano, once again starring Tobias Moretti, Harald Windisch and Antonia Moretti. “The Hunted” is produced by good friends Filmproduktion and Satel Film for the Austrian broadcaster ServusTV.



The good friends production “Oh Hell” is nominated for the German Television Awards in the categories “Best Comedy Series,” “Best Actress” (Mala Emde) and “Best Screenplay” (Johannes Boss).


“Jealousy” airs with highest ratings of the day

With 5.36 million viewers on Monday “Jealousy” secured ZDF the day’s rating victory. Andreas Senn’s 90-minute feature achieved viewing figures of 19.5%.


Antonia Moretti wins ROMY in “Female Discovery” category

In the good friends production “The Winemaker” (ZDF, Servus TV) Antonia Moretti appears on screen at her father’s side for the first time. She has now been awarded the ROMY in the category “Female Discovery” for her outstanding performance.


“Oh Hell” Seriously funny (Süddeutsche)

“Do we still need a coming-of-age series, showing that real life is not as glossy as it appears on Instagram? After eight episodes of Oh Hell, one has to say: absolutely. Oh Hell comes with many hilarious scenes. Mala Emde (…) considered a great up-and-coming star of German cinema, plays her role wonderfully, with a lot of energy and a precise sense for punchlines.”


“Oh Hell” Telekom has its first hit series (DWDL Serienkritik)

“With dialogue close to Monty Python and a visual language in the direction of Wes Anderson, a real-life satirical portion of lunacy that is rare in this country, the showrunner’s scripts not only paint the tragicomic picture of a compulsive (self-)deceiver. Simon Ostermann and Lisa Miller turn it into a disarmingly funny didactic play about the mechanics of our decked-out attention society, in which unpolished free spirits like this one sadly or cheerfully fail.”


“Oh Hell” A German series that is actually funny (TAZ)

“The dialogue is spot on, the humor never gets clumsy (even with supposedly simple goals like Instagram mindfulness) and the pace is right in every single one of the almost 30-minute episodes directed by Lisa Miller and Simon Ostermann. “Oh Hell” is a great pleasure – and an exceptional phenomenon among German series. It gives us hope that it won’t stop there.”


“The Winemaker” nominated for Jupiter Award

The good friends production (ZDF / Servus TV) “The Winemaker” is nominated for the 44th Jupiter Award in the national “Best Film“ category (TV & Streaming).


“Oh Hell” to be shown at “Berlinale Series Market Selects”

The good friends production “Oh Hell” (MagentaTV / Warner TV) has been selected as one of 14 productions for the “Berlinale Series Market Selects”. These will be presented online as part of the European Film Market’s “Berlinale Series Market” from February 10-17.


Irish crime dramas “Convicted” and “For Sophie“ start shooting in Galway

Since October, two new 90-minute episodes of ARD’s crime series are in the making, on the west coast of Ireland. The good friends production once again stars Grimme Award winner Désirée Nosbusch in the lead role. The films are directed by Alexander Dierbach („For Sophie”) and Matthias Tiefenbacher („Convicted”).


Dramedy series “Oh Hell“ starts shooting

MagentaTV customers can look forward to a new MagentaTV original: On June 15th the production of “Oh Hell“ began in and around the area of Berlin. “Oh Hell” is a joint production by Deutsche Telekom, WarnerMedia and good friends.


ZDF thriller „Der Kommissar und die Eifersucht“ has started filming

The thriller directed by Andreas Senn is currently produced in and around Berlin. The story follows a young woman claiming to recognize her missing son in the child of another family.


“Variety” publishes interview with Moritz von der Groeben and Andreas Prochaska on “The Winemaker”

Sold by Beta Film, “The Winemaker” is the new banner title of Moritz von der Groeben’s Good Friends Filmproduktion, the company behind groundbreaking dark German comedy “Arthur’s Law,” which was released in the U.S. this January by Warner Media’s HBO Max. “The Winemaker” is set in the South Tyrol’s picturesque vineyards. The dominant image, however, is Matteo driving alone at night, sunk in a pitch-black nightmare. Variety talked to von der Groeben and director and co-writer Prochaska, on the eve of “The Winemaker’s” pitch at April’s 9’s MipDrama.


Winner of the day in fiction: ”Irish-Crime: The Disappearance” with a market share of 17,5%

“Irish-Crime” became winner of the day in fiction with 5,72 Million viewers (17,5% market share) having watched “Irish-Crime: The Disappearance“ on Thursday night. It is the third film of the captivating ARD-Degeto-series with Grimme Award winner Désirée Nosbusch in the leading role. The fourth part “Forgiveness” will air on the 1st of April 2021.


The Winemaker in the official selection of MIPDrama

The Winemaker has been selected as one of 12 productions for this year’s MIPDrama, which starts, prior to MIPTV, on the 9th of April. MIPDrama offers international buyers an exclusive preview of a curated selection of up-and-coming drama series.


Arthur’s Law arrives January 7 on HBO Max

HBO announced today that Arthur’s Law will be available on HBO Max beginning January 07. The German-language dark comedy, produced by good friends, has won multiple awards including a Rockie Award as “best non-English comedy series.” In advance of the premiere, HBO Max released the official trailer and key art for the series.



ZDF took the lead on mondays primetime-ratings: a total of 6.02 millions viewers (18.6 percent market share) watched the television programm with Roland Wienekker.


“Slavik – On The State’s Pocket” Wins German Comedy Award

The Joyn original “Slavik – On The States Pocket” wins at this year’s Comedy Award. The good friends production is awarded as best comedy series.


“Slavik – Auf Staats Nacken” nominated for comedy award

good friends production “Slavik – Auf Staats Nacken” is nominated for the German Comedy Award 2020 in the category “Best Comedy Series”.


Start of shooting for 2-part movie „Il Pastore“ (ZDF/ServusTV) in South Tyrol

Since Tuesday, August 25th, the two-part film “Il Pastore” (working title) is being shot in South Tyrol, Vienna and the surrounding area. ZDF and ServusTV have joined forces for the production. Both stations will broadcast the films in Germany, as confirmed by ZDF in response to a request from DWDL.de. “Il Pastore” is produced by good friends Filmproduktions GmbH in co-production with Satel Film GmbH. Producer at good friends is Moritz von der Groeben, for Satel it‘s Heinrich Ambrosch.


Joyn presents in-house production “Slavik Junge”

The production of the eight episodes is the responsibility of good friends Filmproduktion in cooperation with Bratan Production. “Slavik -Auf Staats Nacken” starts on November 26th with two episodes a week on Joyn.


First “Ireland Krimi” reaches 5.48 million viewers and 18.6 percent viewer market share

The “Ireland Krimi: The Dead of Glenmore Abbey” got a total of 5.48 million viewers. No other station had more viewers on Thursday, and its ratings reached a total of 18.6 percent. This happens to be a good start for the new series with Désirée Nosbusch, who plays the lead role. lead. The following week there will be another case to watch.


Bonus family from November on in the ARD

In record time, the German adaptation of the Swedish series “The Bonus Family” was created. The episodes can be seen weekly Wednesday evening.


Arthur’s Law nominated for German Comedy Award 2019

Arthur’s Law was nominated by the jury of the German Comedy Award in the category “Best Comedy Series”. The award ceremony will take place on October 2nd in Cologne.


Arthur’s Law awarded with ROCKIE AWARD

The jury of this years Rockie Awards has (come to a decision) decided: TNT Comedy Original Arthur’s Law wins as the best non-English language comedy series in international competition. The winners of this section were honored yesterday at a ceremony at the Banff World Media Festival.


Jan Josef Liefers wins Bavarian Television Award for Arthur’s Law

The Bavarian Television Award was awarded on Friday evening at the Prinzregententheater in Munich. Among the honored award winners was Jan Josef Liefers, who received the award “Blauer Panther” for his portrayal of Arthur the unlucky fellow in the TNT Comedy Original “Arthur’s Law”.


UNDERCOVER launches on ZDFneo

In the new, ten-part crime series “Undercover”, which starts on May 8, 2019 at 9.45 p.m. on ZDFneo, a drug boss is the focus of an undercover investigation. ZDFneo will be showing the Belgian-German co-production in double episodes on Wednesdays from 9.45 p.m. In the ZDFmediathek all ten episodes will be available from Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 at 10.00 a.m.


Start of shooting for ARD series BONUSFAMILY

On April 11th, 2019, shooting began in Berlin and the surrounding area for the six-part horizontally narrated series “Bonusfamilie” (working title) directed by Isabel Braak and based on the books of Antonia Rothe-Liermann. “Bonusfamilie” is about three children, two fathers, two mothers – one family. The series deals with family madness in a patchwork constellation – always with a loving eye for the challenges, but also for the moments of happiness that such a family life offers. The main cast include Inez Bjørg David, Lucas Prisor, Steve Windolf and Anna Schäfer.


Start of shooting for ZDF thriller “The Inspector and his Anger”

With a kidnapping case, Berlin inspector Martin Brühl (Roeland Wiesnekker) starts a dangerous cat-and-mouse game in the environment of illegal car races. “The Inspector and his Anger” is the working title of the television film of the week (ZDF), for which shooting has begun in Berlin. Further roles are played by Meike Droste, Marc Ben Puch, Sara Fazilat, Michael Schenk, Lucas Gregorowicz, Ulrike C. Tscharre, Aaron Hilmer and Benno Fürmann. The script was written by Christoph Darnstädt, directed by Andreas Senn.


Arthur’s Law receives Grimme Prize nomination

As one of 5 series, Arthur’s Law is nominated for the Grimme Prize 2019.


TBS acquires Arthur’s Law for the US market and plans remake

“TBS reaches over 90 million households in the USA. Arthur’s Law’ is the first time a German series will be shown in the original version with English subtitles on one of the leading channels in US cable television,” says Hannes Heyelmann, Managing Director of Turner Central and Eastern Europe, who is responsible for the international strategy of Turner’s own productions.


Arthur’s Law nominated for the German Television Award 2019

The TNT Comedy Original “Arthur’s Law” is nominated in the categories “Best Comedy Series” and “Best Set Design” (Birgitta Lohrer-Horres for the costume design, Markus Dicklhuber for the set design). The German Television Award will be presented in Düsseldorf on January 31st.


UNDERCOVER wins audience award at the “Seriencamp 2018”

Our Belgian-German co-production was voted best series by the viewers of the 2018 series camp. Broadcast in summer 2019 on ZDFneo.


Arthur’s Law in the competition of the Zurich Film Festival

Arthur’s Law is running at this year’s Zurich Film Festival as the only German contribution in the competition of the “International Series” section.


“Sueddeutsche” writes about Arthur’s Law

“With brilliant pictures and a top-class cast, the series provides proof that sophisticated comedy noir also works in Germany. Arthur’s Law does not sound out an unprecedented genre, but it raises German Comedy noir to international level”.


DWDL Interview on the launch of “Arthur’s Law

Shortly before the start of their comedy series “Arthur’s Law”, the managing directors explain in an interview with DWDL.de how they approach new players with their production company good friends, what they think of “Kontrakt ’18” and authors as show runners.


Like “Fargo” from the German province (Tagesspiegel)

A man saws off a hand, a corpse falls from the roof into a warehouse of construction foam, a chandelier becomes a death trap… It is not only these bizarre ways of dying that make the six-part series “Arthur’s Law” so special. The story of a man who on his 50th birthday dares to break out of his barren life and thus sets in motion an incredible chain of strokes of fate in the fictitious little town of Klein Biddenbach, gives the two main actors Jan Josef Liefers and Martina Gedeck room to show acting facets that have never been seen before.


Désirée Nosbusch investigates for new ARD thriller in Ireland

ARD will soon be looking for criminals in Ireland too and has now engaged actress Désirée Nosbusch as the lead actress in a new crime series. By the end of November, two episodes of “Irish Crime” will be produced.


Good Friends Acquires German Remake Rights to ‘Bonus Family’

LILLE, France — Beta Film subsidiary Good Friends Filmproduktion, whose groundbreaking TNT Comedy original “Arthur’s Law” plays Saturday at Series Mania, has acquired the German remake rights to hit Swedish format “Bonus Family.”


World premiere of “Arthur’s Law” at the Festival Series Mania

“Arthur’s Law” is the only German production running in competition with Series Mania.


“Undercover” in the Canneseries competition

Our co-production “Undercover” will run on April 10th in the Canneseries competition.


“Arthur’s Law” in advance exclusively on EntertainTV

With the six-part mini-series, the broadcaster “Telekom” is presenting a German-language production for the first time in the exclusive series offering on EntertainTV. “Arthur’s Law” celebrates its world premiere on August 3st and supplements the existing series offering.


First teaser for “Arthur’s Law

Munich, January 15th, 2018 – Jan Josef Liefers, Martina Gedeck and Nora Tschirner are currently in front of the camera for TNT Comedy Original Arthur’s Law. A teaser now givesshows first insights into the Comedy Noir around unlucky Arthur, played by Jan Josef Liefers. The broadcast on TNT Comedy is planned for 2018. The six-part mini-series is produced by TNT Comedy and good friends Filmproduktions GmbH and is the first fictional in-house production for TNT Comedy for Turner in Germany after the multiple award-winning series Add a Friend and Weinberg and recently 4 blocks for the sister channel TNT Serie.


“The inspector and the lost Child” with 5.74 million spectators Day Winner

… and yet the special programs did not dominate the ratings hit lists of the day. Rather, it was the ZDF crime drama “The Inspector and the lost Child” which, with 5.74 million viewers and a market share of 17.6 percent, was the daily winner.


Operating from Germany, the company was founded in 2015 by Moritz von der Groeben along with Beta Film GmbH, and aims to deliver world class TV production. Fictional content is on the rise worldwide. Complex serial story telling is becoming more significant. Now, more than ever, people want to see real emotion in fiction and international co-production is becoming increasingly important. Hence our mission: New television for new markets.


Moritz von der Groeben studied economics and started his career as chief of staff for Jan Mojto at Kirch-Gruppe.
During this time he supervised production of several national and international feature films and movies, and led the co-production of US feature films and the marketing devision for Beta Film. He has worked as a cinema and television producer since 2002.

Moritz von der Groeben

Managing Director / Producer

About Moritz

Ursula Pfriem studied business administration as well as cultural and media management and is a graduate of the „Deutsche Film-und Fernsehakademie Berlin” (dffb). She supervised long-term series such as “Die Küstenwache”, “Fritzie – Der Himmel muss warten” and the successful RTL sitcom “Magda macht das schon!”, which won the German Television Award for Best Comedy Series in 2018. She received the Fair Film Award in 2024 for the production of the ZDF comedy “Für immer Freibad”.

Ursula Pfriem


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