The Winemaker


Winemaker Matteo lives a middle-class life with his wife Stefania (Ursina Lardi) and their daughter Laura (Antonia Moretti) in the middle of the South Tyrol vineyards. The family is known for their good wine and valued in the village. One day, Nino Sorrentino (Fabrizio Romagnoli) appears at her vineyard: apparently an old friend of Matteo. But Nino is more than just Matteo's childhood companion - he is part of Matteo's dark past, which began in Naples and which he left behind many years ago. At the same time, a bizarre incident shakes the idyllic life in the area: Akua Mbaye (Precious Sanusi), a young woman, is hit by a car on a mountain pass at night. When the doctors remove a bullet from her shoulder, the Carabiniere Adrin Erlacher (Harald Windisch) takes over the investigation. Department head Christina Melauer (Melika Foroutan) wants to file the case away. For Erlacher, however, there is increasing evidence that the perpetrators might come from their village. The grumpy law enforcement officer is investigating on his own, and suddenly winemaker Matteo is the focus of the investigation.

DIRECTOR: Andreas Prochaska
SCRIPT: Ben Braeunlich, Andreas Prochaska
ACTORS: Tobias Moretti, Antonia Moretti, Ursina Lardi,
Fabrizio Romagnoli, Melika Foroutan, Harald Windisch, Katia Fellin,
Precious Sanusi
CAMERA: Thomas Kiennast
COSTUME DESIGN: Elisabeth Fritsche
PRODUCER: Moritz von der Groeben
CO-PRODUCER: Heinrich Ambrosch
LINE PRODUCER: Sascha Schwill, Friedrich Gruner
HEAD OF PRODUCTION: Gabi Lins, Bernhard Schmatz, Peter Schellnast
EDITORIAL STAFF ZDF: Martin R. Neumann, Günther van Endert,
Eva Katharina Klöcker
EDITORIAL STAFF SERVUS TV: Frank Holderied, Robert Feitzinger


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