One evening a four year old boy goes missing from the playground of a housing estate.
Inspector Martin Brühl (Roeland Wiesnekker) takes care of the worried mother Dina Ritter (Stefanie Amarell), who claims to have let her son out of sight just for a moment. The investigation takes a sudden turn when her brother Tobias Ritter (Jacob Matschenz) appears at the scene. Apologetically he explains to the surprised colleagues that the missing boy is just a product of Dina’s imagination. The alleged mother appears to struggle with a trauma from her past, clouding her sense of reality. The case seems clear and is about to be filed away. But Inspector Brühl cannot let go of the matter. He investigates on his own and is surprised to discover that Benjamin does exist. Just unlike Dina imagines it: The boy's name is Emil and he lives sheltered in a house on the outskirts of Berlin, together with his family: his sister Mieke (Lina Hüesker) and his parents Imke (Stefanie Stappenbeck) and Holger Sachtleben (Wanja Mues). Soon the investigators learn that Dina is no stranger to the Sachtleben family.

DIRECTOR: Andreas Senn
SCRIPT: Christoph Darnstädt
CAST: Roeland Wiesnekker, Meike Droste, Marc Ben Puch, Sara Fazilat, Michael Schenk, Stefanie Stappenbeck, Wanja Mues, Stephanie Amarell, Jacob Matschenz, Artemis Chalkidou, Anna König
DOP: Michal Grabowski
COSTUME DESIGN: Monika Gebauer
PRODUCER: Moritz von der Groeben
EDITOR: Daniel Blum (ZDF)


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