Irish-Crime 9 & 10

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Killing Mercy (Irish-Crime 9)

The sudden death of several senior citizens leads Superintendent Sean Kelly and psychologist Cathrin Blake to a retirement home that at first glance seems to be the perfect place for old people. But the devoted director Bridget Howard raises questions, especially for Cathrin Blake. Are they on the trail of a perfidious web?


Broken Souls  (Irish-Crime 10)

„Broken Souls" tells the story of Superintendent Sean Kelly's nephew Eoin, who is admitted to a renowned psychiatric clinic in Ireland. Within a very short time, Eoin has disappeared and a fellow patient is dead. As Sean Kelly and Cathrin Blake attempt to prove Eoin's innocence, terrible truths from the past and present come to light.




DIRECTOR: Matthias Tiefenbacher
SCRIPT: Katrin Bühlig

CAST: Désirée Nosbusch, Declan Conlon, Rafael Gareisen, Róisín O'Donovan, Julia Dearden, Ronan Wilmot, Esosa Ighodaro, Sean Duggon, Levi O´Sullivan, Cathrine Walker, Mark O´Regan

CAMERA: Hanno Lentz

COSTUME DESIGN: Aisling Wallace Byrne

PRODUCER: Moritz von der Groeben, Nikola Bock

LINE PRODUCER: Hartwig König, Nick Walsh

EDITOR: Katja Kirchen (Degeto), Christoph Pellander (Degeto)


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