On December 3rd 2022 the ceremony for the 10. DafFne will take place and we can already annouce four nominations: Harald Windisch (supporting role „Im Netz der Camorra”), Kaya Kürten (costume design „Oh Hell“), Karin Hartusch (editing „Im Netz der Camorra”) und Thomas Szabolcs & Kirsten Kunhardt & Clemens Grulich (sound design „Im Netz der Camorra“). Congratulations!

5,68 million viewers turned on the TV at 8:15pm which delivered viewing figures of 22,1% for the 90-minute feature with Désirée Nosbusch in the leading role.

On thursday (29.09.22) the good friends production „Irish Crime 5 (Family Bonds)” aires at 8:15pm on ARD. One week later (06.10.22) at the same time „Irish Crime 6 (The Price of Silence)“ aires on ARD as well.

Thomas W. Kiennast has been awarded a Romy in the category “Best Cinematography – TV/Streaming” for his work on the good friends production “The Winemaker”.

The good friends production “Oh Hell” was awarded the German Television Award in the category “Best Comedy Series” yesterday evening in Cologne. We are very excited and would like to thank everyone involved in the production!

Rick Ostermann’s TV thriller “The Hunted” (working title) is currently shot in and around Bolzano, once again starring Tobias Moretti, Harald Windisch and Antonia Moretti. “The Hunted” is produced by good friends Filmproduktion and Satel Film for the Austrian broadcaster ServusTV.

The good friends production “Oh Hell” is nominated for the German Television Awards in the categories “Best Comedy Series,” “Best Actress” (Mala Emde) and “Best Screenplay” (Johannes Boss).

With 5.36 million viewers on Monday “Jealousy” secured ZDF the day’s rating victory. Andreas Senn’s 90-minute feature achieved viewing figures of 19.5%.

In the good friends production “The Winemaker” (ZDF, Servus TV) Antonia Moretti appears on screen at her father’s side for the first time. She has now been awarded the ROMY in the category “Female Discovery” for her outstanding performance.

“Do we still need a coming-of-age series, showing that real life is not as glossy as it appears on Instagram? After eight episodes of Oh Hell, one has to say: absolutely. Oh Hell comes with many hilarious scenes. Mala Emde (…) considered a great up-and-coming star of German cinema, plays her role wonderfully, with a lot of energy and a precise sense for punchlines.”

“With dialogue close to Monty Python and a visual language in the direction of Wes Anderson, a real-life satirical portion of lunacy that is rare in this country, the showrunner’s scripts not only paint the tragicomic picture of a compulsive (self-)deceiver. Simon Ostermann and Lisa Miller turn it into a disarmingly funny didactic play about the mechanics of our decked-out attention society, in which unpolished free spirits like this one sadly or cheerfully fail.”

“The dialogue is spot on, the humor never gets clumsy (even with supposedly simple goals like Instagram mindfulness) and the pace is right in every single one of the almost 30-minute episodes directed by Lisa Miller and Simon Ostermann. “Oh Hell” is a great pleasure – and an exceptional phenomenon among German series. It gives us hope that it won’t stop there.”

The good friends production (ZDF / Servus TV) “The Winemaker” is nominated for the 44th Jupiter Award in the national “Best Film“ category (TV & Streaming).

The good friends production “Oh Hell” (MagentaTV / Warner TV) has been selected as one of 14 productions for the “Berlinale Series Market Selects”. These will be presented online as part of the European Film Market’s “Berlinale Series Market” from February 10-17.

Since October, two new 90-minute episodes of ARD’s crime series are in the making, on the west coast of Ireland. The good friends production once again stars Grimme Award winner Désirée Nosbusch in the lead role. The films are directed by Alexander Dierbach („For Sophie”) and Matthias Tiefenbacher („Convicted”).

MagentaTV customers can look forward to a new MagentaTV original: On June 15th the production of “Oh Hell“ began in and around the area of Berlin. “Oh Hell” is a joint production by Deutsche Telekom, WarnerMedia and good friends.

The thriller directed by Andreas Senn is currently produced in and around Berlin. The story follows a young woman claiming to recognize her missing son in the child of another family.

Sold by Beta Film, “The Winemaker” is the new banner title of Moritz von der Groeben’s Good Friends Filmproduktion, the company behind groundbreaking dark German comedy “Arthur’s Law,” which was released in the U.S. this January by Warner Media’s HBO Max. “The Winemaker” is set in the South Tyrol’s picturesque vineyards. The dominant image, however, is Matteo driving alone at night, sunk in a pitch-black nightmare. Variety talked to von der Groeben and director and co-writer Prochaska, on the eve of “The Winemaker’s” pitch at April’s 9’s MipDrama.

“Irish-Crime” became winner of the day in fiction with 5,72 Million viewers (17,5% market share) having watched “Irish-Crime: The Disappearance“ on Thursday night. It is the third film of the captivating ARD-Degeto-series with Grimme Award winner Désirée Nosbusch in the leading role. The fourth part “Forgiveness” will air on the 1st of April 2021.

The Winemaker has been selected as one of 12 productions for this year’s MIPDrama, which starts, prior to MIPTV, on the 9th of April. MIPDrama offers international buyers an exclusive preview of a curated selection of up-and-coming drama series.

HBO announced today that Arthur’s Law will be available on HBO Max beginning January 07. The German-language dark comedy, produced by good friends, has won multiple awards including a Rockie Award as “best non-English comedy series.” In advance of the premiere, HBO Max released the official trailer and key art for the series.